FinancesOnline, a popular software directory that thousands of businesses rely on to choose the top online marketing automation software that match their unique requirements, just ranked MarketingPlatform with a high 8.0 rating.

According to SaaS review experts from FinancesOnline, “MarketingPlatform offers email marketing teams with a platform that combines core and advanced capabilities of email marketing systems and marketing automation solutions. In a single package, you can create and send out beautiful newsletters and emails that your recipients will definitely love, appreciate, and respond to.” Impressed with our MarketingPlatform features in automating various marketing processes, they also awarded our tool with the 2018 Great User Experience Award, and the 2018 Rising Star Award.

FinancesOnline praised MarketingPlatform’s “newsletter builder that allows users to create and send beautiful, professional, and personalized newsletters.” It also gives users the ability to create and control their own workflows so they devise and execute email newsletter campaigns that respond to their recipients’ unique patterns and habits. “On top of its impressive array of tools and functionalities, the software is also compliant to the European GDPR and The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) as well as the US CAN-SPAM Legislation.” writes FinancesOnline.

Other benefits of MarketingPlatform, according to FinancesOnline’s team of B2B experts, include more than 2 million professional images and around 200,000 icons that you can use to give your newsletters and emails that visual oomph, all free of charge. Data security was also a benefit that was mentioned because MarketingPlatform guarantees that all the data entered and processed within the system will never be accessed by other parties. This includes any behavioral data, statistics, big data or other data types that belong to your MarketingPlatform account.

FinancesOnline also utilized its unique Customer Satisfaction Algorithm to determine the general perception of MarketingPlatform users. The algorithm gathers all comments, feedback, opinions, and user reviews about MarketingPlatform which generated an extremely positive, 100 percent user satisfaction rating. The site also ranked MarketingPlatform in their list of top marketing automation solutions, proving that MarketingPlatform marketing automation platform is ideal an email marketing and automation software for B2B, B2C, and e-Commerce.


MarketingPlatform is constantly updated monthly with new features that have been either requested by customers or something developers come up with.

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