MarketingPlatform is much more than a system for sending email newsletters.


It is a complete marketing automation machine that lets your business enter into one-on-one relationships with your recipients and customers.

Basically, it is about three aspects that become a real dialogue when the right systemic assumptions are present.

The first aspect

An old saying says we have got two ears and one mouth. In other words, we must listen twice as much as we speak. Translated to marketing language, it means we need to collect data and analyze before we communicate.


The second aspect

We communicate with real people. People like you and I who have real life with work, friends, family and interests. You often forget this in a world where statistics and hard facts dominate.


The third aspect

Everything that can be gathered from information can be communicated with the right tools. But on the other hand, it does not mean that anything that can be collected must be communicated to your target audience. The paradox, if you want to call it that, is that the human aspect means that automated rules must have the necessary depth to achieve a rationale, but not to be in more levels than communication preserves the human face and the rationale is maintained in the application.


The dialogue starts before your future recipient signs up


It may sound a bit highbrowed when we claim that the dialogue can start before it is a known relationship. MarketingPlatform has a full webtracker that learns from the behavior of the recipients on your side, even before they sign up for your newsletter.

Thus, your Marketing Automation efforts can begin completely outside of the search engine, just as the visitor lands on your website or webshop. It is crucial for the competitive advantage to be able to make an early collection of interests. In this way, the newsletters later in the process can be customized to the individual recipient individually.

With its Profile Update feature and WebLink with full webtracker (launched March 2014), MarketingPlatform has the ability to automatically enrich recipients based on their click behavior in the newsletter or browsing behavior on the website or webshop.

Well-known recipients give new dimensions to email marketing

The actions may be to open sent newsletters, clicking links, updating a profile, actions to enrich the profile or much more. Gradually, MarketingPlatform will learn from the actions, geography and behavior of the recipient. Knowledge that can be transformed into reactions, either as new automated campaigns, campaigns with Relevant and Dynamic Content or in the form of data output for business intelligence systems and the like.

A current example could be the geographical profiling options. As soon as a recipient signs up for the company’s newsletter, the person’s geographical fingerprints are recorded in the form of the IP address.

For businesses that rely on geography, it could be a chain of stores, a webshop with local deals or other regional or local affiliates, it is a great value. Immediately after signing up, a welcome flow can be adapted geographically to the recipient – without any kind of enrichment of his profile.

Segmented broadcasts on geography, provided it is relevant to the receiver, converts up to 43 times better than mass broadcasts.

Segmented broadcasts on geography, provided it is relevant to the receiver, converts up to 43 times better than mass broadcasts.


Intelligent newsletters and marketing automation

The ongoing learning from recipients’ actions can be translated into individual newsletters, which can even be automated as marketing automation mails.


An everyday situation from real life


A customer who sells hardware products uses MarketingPlatform. They could advantageously profile their customers automatically after geography, and then to learn continuously from the recipients’ click behavior in the submitted campaigns. This knowledge can be translated into individual campaigns with Relevant Content.

In practice, nothing needs to be done. First, a registration form is set up on the website, perhaps in combination with entries from the purchase flow. As soon as the recipient signs up, MarketingPlatform reads the geographic location and sends an autoresponder where the geographic data suggests a local store. If the recipient agrees, they do not have to do anything. As soon as they click on one of the products in the automated email, the system begins to record interests in combination with a date stamp. Next time a click is recorded, more information is collected. It is this information that can build individual mails.

“We try to make the difficult disciplines simple, to target and automate marketing flows, combine them with the commercial and turn it into more business,” concludes Kim Østergaard from MarketingPlatform.

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