5 good ideas for Marketing Automation flows

With Marketing Automation, you can set up a variety of automated processes with different messages and actions that will be executed at a specific time. Here are a few examples of Best Practices in Marketing Automation that can help you get the best possible commitment from customers without having to spend the time. Let intelligent, automated flows do all the work for you.


1. Set up a welcome flow

When people sign up for your newsletter, it’s important to make them feel welcome from the start. And a welcome flow is without debate the most effective type of Marketing Automation flows.

It is important to build a good relationship from the first interaction, so you do what you can to ensure that the subscriber stays on the list and from the start gets a good impression.

Survey has shown that mails from a welcome flow typically have an Open Rate that is typically 4 times higher than a normal rate and a Click Through Rate that is 5 times higher.


A few ideas for setting up a good welcome flow are:

1. Offer a reward to sign up for the newsletter. Give a discount code of 10%, offer free shipping on first order or more.
2. Tell the recipient how often they can expect to receive news and info from you as well as what kind of content they can expect to receive.
3. Give the recipient some good and useful content and not just a gossip for gossip. Content that can help the enrolled in one way or another always works well and can help establish a position for your business as a trusted source. That means that you can count on and trust that you are right to go to the fields you are dealing with.
4. Give a clear insight into who you are as a business. Use the opportunity to put a human face on the company. It is the obvious way to build a good relationship between the customer and the company.


2. Create a loyalty program

People love to feel special and appreciated. Invite the most committed customers to participate in a VIP loyalty program, where they get very special offers and opportunities.

When a VIP customer is performing an action like buying something or making a review, you can automatically send them a follow-up with Marketing Automation by offering a discount.


3. Create dynamic segments

Send some very powerful emails by creating dynamic segments, all while saving you a lot of work and generating good income. The more targeted email you can make, the greater the chance of more sales as well as your recipients will continue to open and read your mails.
Set up dynamic segments based on things like purchase behavior so that you can automatically send emails with

  • Related products
  • New versions or upgrades of already purchased products (GoPro 5 camera that turns into GoPro 6)
  • Similar products
  • Targeted discounts


4. Get in touch with cold customers

By this means people on your list that either do not respond at all or, for example. have not bought within the last year’s time. Try to pull them back into the heat.

There may be many reasons that customers suddenly do not respond more. Perhaps they have not found your mails interesting enough, maybe they have started shopping at the competitor. Maybe they think your prices are too expensive, maybe they’ve moved out of the target audience they used to be.

For whatever reason you always have the chance to win them back. With a Marketing Automation, you can set up a flow that target these cold customers, so you can automatically try to win them back.

When you try to contact cold customers, it is important to keep an eye on whether the following are responding. If they do not, it’s best to remove them from the list so you get a clean list and so it’s less likely that your mails are ending in the SPAM folder. You can and should also set an automatic flow to this section.


5. Put extra emphasis on the customer service experience

Instead of focusing on sales with Marketing Automation, you should try to use Marketing Automation to engage in dialogue with your customers.

This can be done by

  • Asking customers to report products or report on review sites, Facebook, Google Reviews, etc.
  • Send follow-up material that supports the products purchased by the customer
  • Send information about new products and upgrades that may be of interest to loyal customers who can help them plan future purchases.
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