Today I was talking to a user about why they chose MarketingPlatform. She gave me an interesting story about how earlier last year, she had purchased a trip to Mexico from a well-known travel company. That same day, she received an email from the same travel company about purchasing a trip to Mexico. Then the following day, and the next day after that. And now, she is not receiving emails from the company anymore. Does this story seem familiar?

Therefore, when she had to pick a digital marketing solution for her business, she wanted a tool that could segment and select different customers to send more personalized emails. That is why they picked MarketingPlatform.

How we help

Dynamic Content in newsletters sent by MarketingPlatform changes based on the interests or past behaviour of the individual recipient. Using this tool in MarketingPlatform creates an experience that is customized specifically to each individual recipient.

Our Relevant Content Tool allows you to serve up content in your newsletters that is important and really matters to the recipient. Using segmentation and your data, you are able to ensure that you provide only the content that really matters to your audience.

MarketingPlatform learns from your recipient’s behaviour and uses the information to better target your content. We use the information we gather to help you write optimal newsletters.

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Thus, a combination of news, a good offer and segmented products, i.e., products that, through intelligent profiling of the receiver, give the absolute best click-rate and provide the biggest sales.

The key to success is therefore the relevance of the recipient. If the customer just purchased a couch, it is way more relevant to offer them a coffee table, rather than trying to sell them another couch. By utilizing customer data intelligently, the vast majority of companies will be able to achieve not only greater sales but also significantly improve customer loyalty.

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