Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a popular ERP system among small and mid-size organizations. It is not only easy to install, but it has a great interface that is easy to learn. It’s a vital tool for most organizations as it controls financials, supply chain, sales, business intelligence and more.

However, as organizations grow, the need for integrating their NAV ERP becomes necessary. Your ERP system isn’t the only system needed to run your operations – you should share the same data between your POS, eCommerce, marketplace, 3PLs, and other important systems. This guide will serve as a helpful reminder of how important it is to integrate your ERP system with email marketing to achieve top results.

The unique thing about our standard integrations is that they are maintained by MarketingPlatform in cooperation with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The integration automatically transfers data between the platforms either in a one-way or return flow. 


Why do you need NAV integration?


  • Too much time spent on manual data entry

This process needs to be automated. Your contacts, together with their contact fields should automatically be updated so you can always send out personalized emails.

  • Inaccurate data across your systems

Inaccurate data = bad data. This can lead to inconsistency in customer or product information across your sales channels.

  • Inefficient processes

Disconnected systems cause your business processes to be inefficient, because when the processes are obtuse, it leads to a poor customer experience.


Why should you integrate your ERP system with MarketingPlatform?


  • It will undoubtedly save you time

By allowing your ERP system to sync between the systems, you will automate manual processes like data entry which will save you time.

  • It will keep your data consistent

No longer will you have to worry about bad data because it won’t be prone to human mistakes like typos and incorrect spellings. This ensures that your quality data remains the same across your systems.

  • It will create more efficient processes

With MarketingPlatform, all of your contacts – together with their respective contact fields – are stored safely and securely. No longer will you have to keep track of your customers on an Excel spreadsheet – the integration will take care of everything.

  • It allows for more data visibility

MarketingPlatform gives you a central location to manage and view all of your data – and see exactly how your email marketing is performing. You can keep track of exactly who engages with your content.

  • You can keep up with your customer demands

By utilizing the integration, you – as a merchant – can provide real-time product availability status to your customers. With marketing automation, MarketingPlatform can automatically send out an email to a client when a product is in stock.


Third-party integration

MarketingPlatform is the perfect platform for integration NAV because we are cloud-based and pre-built connectors to sync data between NAV and your webstore, marketplace, or POS system.

You also don’t need extensive technical knowledge of NAV. Rather, MarketingPlatform manages the platform and integration for you. All you have to do is define your business processes and needs – and we can configure the integration specifically for you.

We are also more affordable due to our subscription-based model to use our services – and more often than not, this is the integration approach most sellers choose – rather than building a custom integration.



Let us help


We know a thing or two about NAV integration over here at MarketingPlatform because we’ve done it before. Try MarketingPlatform free for 14 days and let us help you move business forward.

Read more about our features here. We also integrate Drupal, DynamicWeb, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, , PrestaShop, SalesForce, ScanCommerce, ScanNet, SmartWeb – and many others.

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