The function “view in browser” is important to have at the top of all email campaigns. However, few are thinking of the statistical significance of the function.
In this whitepaper we are going to look at how the travel industry gets 4-5 times higher conversion rates in its campaigns.

A lot of marketers know of this small and discrete – yet prominently placed link – at the top of the campaigns they receive. The purpose is to create an effective “call to action” that brings the recipient closer to your KPIs (key performance indicators) behind any marketing activity – or that should be behind any marketing activity.

The link “View in browser” or “Can’t see the pictures? Read the email here” or … the text has many different formats. Common to these different formats however is that there is a system function behind the link. A feature in your email marketing program that automatically links to a dynamic online version of that particular email, regardless of the amount of segmented or individual custom content that the broadcast contains.

Many Content Management Systems, the so-called CMS solutions, do not accommodate this functionality, but at best link to a standard website that displays a web version of the broadcast campaign. Most often without the necessary traceability, it is valuable in the further processing of the recipients on your mailing list.


Statistics create knowledge and revenue

An email marketing program such as MarketingPlatform, or any other serious ESP, collects information about the recipients. This information is turned into knowledge and is then used to enrich the recipient’s profile to better segment the next campaign, to form the basis for brand new mailing lists, or something else entirely – perhaps a combination of the aforementioned options.

“A segmented campaign contains unlimited possibilities, but most importantly, it converts 4-10 times better than an everyone-sees-the-same message email,” says Kim Østergaard, who has worked with email marketing since 1998.


How the travel industry converts 4-5 times better

Let me provide a concrete example. A company that sells vacations is interested in the geography of their recipients, but it will take too long to reach out to their entire database of customers. The company’s newsletter has an open rate of approx. 40%, which is why a geographical profiling alone based on their active action that they have opened the campaign will be a significantly faster method. The method also contains uncertainties, but for this use the value will be very high.

There are differences in what people in Toronto and Chicago pick of vacation destinations. By using the opening data from the first newsletter, the next mail from the tour operator could contain, for example, 3 different top-blocks of content. Content that will be delivered according to the recipient’s geographical location.

Based on experience, such campaigns will convert 4-5 times better than the previous mail, where all North American recipients received the same message.


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