Move into ‘Dark Social’ and be part of the REAL conversation

You are in the market to sell your product or your services, and you find yourself competing in a very crowded marketplace.

Getting the attention of your customers and your new prospects becomes more and more difficult as the marketplace becomes full of ‘channels’ and Social Media that fights for their attention – so what can you do to position yourself against competition?

Drop out of the Social Media (SoMe) race and go back to the more confidential conversation one-on-one with your customers and prospects – email is the only way to do this!

How many times have you heard about ‘shitstorms’ hitting one company, brand or person after the other?! Over the last few years it has been almost an endless stream of bad news from SoMe and traditional media about this.

The rise of Dark Social

Dark social is not in any way connected to “Dark Web’ or anything diabolical – on the contrary – it refers simply to hidden or unseen. Dark social is all the online social sharing and activity that occurs OUTSIDE of public social media posts. Best examples would be email, private messaging, chat forums, and word of mouth.

Wall Street Journal has this very interesting article on the topic of email in 2019:

Dark social can’t be tracked and analyzed through traditional means, and therefore it lacks one of the main selling points of Social Media marketing: the ability to tie results directly to campaigns.

So you are in fact keeping the results from all your hard work to yourself, and you are not sharing data from your interaction with your customers and prospects with search engines, social media sites or anyone else.

Of course the Dark Social has existed since it originated in the early days of the Internet, but it is rapidly growing again after social media is getting too invasive, and more and more sharing and conversations are now again taking place in private.

Email is one of the best ways to communicate DIRECTLY, where the message is going solely to specific and named recipients.

A good Email Platform will provide you with insight into who opens and reads your email (as a private email-user you have the option to set up a ‘read receipt’ as well) – but since you have the ability to track and analyze how many opened your email, and how many read it and who took some form of action after reading it (Click through/Respond), you have total insight and ability to communicate accordingly.

Most people still want to see the posts of celebrities, influencers and thought leaders, but many of those celebrities have already closed their Facebook and Instagram pages for comments, and instead have asked their followers to sign up with their personal emails to receive updates, newsletters and other communication.

Control and secure your communication

Radical messages and comments, bullying, trolling, spamming and most all other negative input has now been blocked, and it is possible to control communication better when using ‘Dark Social’ to communicate.

So if you could get your customers and prospects engaged and talk about your product through closed channels, you found a way around the social media throttles, and you would be able to leverage the 80% power in Dark Social to your advantage.

Outside of office hours, your readers are obsessed with email, and you get to ‘talk to them’ in the privacy of their own homes and during their leisure activities.

MarketingPlatform is the perfect tool for you to begin harvesting the benefits from Dark Social.

Get started today, and start working in the space where the majority of your future and current customers are sharing their thoughts and exchange their experience with products, people, services and buying decisions.

Come be a part of Dark Social, engage and communicate with the 80% that email, SMS and other direct communication.

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