Contact Fields are labels you create to help organize your contacts. Contact Fields allows you to bring your own contact structure into MarketingPlatform and label contacts based on the data only you know about them. Contact Fields are fully customizable, so you can create and assign them as you see fit.

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of contact fields and how you can use them to organize your recipients.


Things to Know

Here are some key things you should know about Contact Fields.


  • Contact Fields and segments are the main list management tools available within MarketingPlatform. Learn more about how they work together.
  • Contact Fields are built for internal list organization, so your contacts will never see them.
  • If you want your contacts to select an interest or category for themselves, the Update Contact Fields tool located in the Builder allows your contacts to click on certain things in your campaign and get assigned specific fields.


About Contact Fields

Think of contact fields as labels for your contacts that help you stay organized. If you’ve ever worked with a CRM (customer relationship manager) or even a blogging platform before, you might be familiar with contact field features to help categorizing people or content. In MarketingPlatform, contact fields are a way for you to label, or categorize, contacts based on information only you have about them.


How to Use Contact Fields

Contact fields are completely customizable, so you can use them however you need to. You can create comprehensive field structures to organize all of your contacts, or create some simple ways to identify some key contacts in your lists. Either way, contact fields give you the flexibility to bring the system that works for you and your business into MarketingPlatform.

After you create tags and add them to your contacts, you can send campaigns directly to contact fields in your list, or use advanced segmentation to further target your audience.


Create and Add Contact Fields

There are several ways to work with contact fields in your list. You can create and add contact fields individually from a contact’s profile, and you can also import contacts and add contact fields to your entire import.

The method you use for adding contact fields to contacts depends on what you’re doing and how many contacts you’re working with. For example, if you only need to segment a couple of people, you might choose to add contact fields in their contact profile. However, if you need to segment new contacts, consider importing to a contact field.


View Contact Fields

Contact fields you’ve added to a specific contact can be viewed on their contact profile page.


Segment Contacts by Contact Fields

After you’ve added tags to contacts, you can filter your list view by contact fields. Click on the Segments menu, and choose whether you want to create a simple or advanced segment.

To segment by more than one tag, click the Create Segment menu and choose an additional contact field.

Repeat this process to segment by up to 10 tags at a time. Click the “+” icon to add one more rule to your segmentation.


View Common Contact Fields for Contacts

To view which contact fields contacts have in common, simply segment your audience, and MarketingPlatform will automatically give you an overview.


Manage Contact Fields

Your list includes a contact fields page where you can manage all your tags in one place. You can create or delete tags, view contacts assigned to a given tag, send to a tag, and more.



We know it can sometimes be hard to decide how to make such a flexible feature work for you. Here are some examples of tags you might create, depending on the type of business you have.


  • Influencer
  • Media contact
  • Large donor
  • Volunteer
  • Staff
  • Hot prospect
  • Interested in IT
  • Cold lead
  • Trade show contact

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