If you work in marketing, where you often need to use images for your marketing material, you know how costly it can be to make use of images that are legitimate and copyright free. You are probably familiar with paid sites like Shutterstock, Istockphoto and Getty Images, where you can find amazing photos, but these images are not free.

Fortunately, there are several great free image banks where you can find free pictures that you can use in your marketing and in your newsletters. Below are some examples of image banks with good free pictures.



At Pixabay you get access to over 1.4 million free pictures and even videos. At signup, you get 30 days free access to premium images on Adobe Stock. When looking for a picture, be aware that the top line of images will often be sponsored images, which come from Shutterstock. Below these are all the free pictures that you have chosen to search for.

You can search for regular photos, vector graphics and illustrations, or you can search for videos. At the same time, you can search for images that are either horizontal or vertical in orientation. You can search in categories such as architecture, computer, animals, people, business etc. You can search for images that must be at least a certain number of pixels in size, or you can search for images in a specific color.

When you select the image you want to use, you will also receive a number of similar images as suggestions, so you can choose variations that resemble the image you selected.

At MarketingPlatform we have integrated Pixabay directly into the platform so you can just drag and drop pictures from Pixabay directly from the builder directly into your newsletter.



At Pexels, as with Pixabay, you can download free pictures as well as videos, though the video section is a bit hidden away and can be found at https://videos.pexels.com/. Images can be used free of charge both privately and for commercial use. You do not have to contribute anything to the person who delivered the image to the service, but you can choose to do it if you wish. It is legal to edit the pictures as you like.

The interface in Pexels is not quite as intuitive as with Pixabay, but it is very easy to search for the item you want. That is, at Pexels, you can not search for images of certain colors or sizes, as you can with Pixabay. But you can refine your wishes in the search itself, so you, for example. can search for “office red” and so few images of office environments with reddish colors.

At MarketingPlatform we have integrated Pexels directly into the platform so you can just drag and drop pictures from Pexel directly from your editor directly into your newsletter.



A third alternative to an image bank with free pictures for use in your marketing and newsletters is Unsplash. Here there is only focus on free pictures and thus no free video material.

Unsplash has an interface that is very similar to Pexels. Thus, no direct possibility of segmentation in images directly from the search box, as you can with Pixabay, but you can define your preferences in the search box itself. Unsplash has a related image feature that reminds a lot about the image you choose. It makes it easy to find some good alternatives quickly.



Iconfinder differs somewhat from the above free image banks by working exclusively with icons. It’s really smart if you need to find small icons for menus or images.

Iconfinder gives you access to over 2,600,000 icons. However, not all icons are free.

When you download an icon, you can choose a size between 16×16 and typically up to 512×512. The icon can be downloaded as SVG or PNG for free. There are extended options for downloading files for example. Adobe Illustrator use or as ICO, but here you have to pay for the icon.

You have the option to open the icons directly in Iconfinder’s own icon program, where you can modify them before download, and thus make the icons larger than the 512×512 by default, you can usually download the format as a default.

At MarketingPlatform we have integrated Iconfinder directly into the platform so you can just drag and drop icon icons from your editor directly into your newsletter.

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