Almost 60% of people now open their email newsletters on the phone. Nevertheless, most companies still send newsletters designed for a big screen.

Your website adapts to the mobile’s limited screen, but your email newsletter does not. This is the reality for a lot of North American companies.

Brand new numbers from MarketingPlatform show that the world that is becoming more and more mobile. In just three months, open rates on mobile phones have increased by 10%. A huge growth that places completely new demands on the sender of the newsletter.


Some simple rules must be met

Many newsletters are in several columns. Even some of the major IT newsletters, newspapers and media companies that write about new tendencies and trends still send a computer-based design into the daily newsletters. Many sites have excellent mobile websites, thus living up to the statistics.

Experiences from tests show off a 1-column design performs many percent better. The actual numbers fluctuate depending on the target group, but the improvement of the 20-30 percentage points is normal.

Font size is another important prerequisite for mobile success. An iPhone does not show fonts less than 13 pixels. MarketingPlatform recommends 16-18 as the optimal mobile size. It provides a good balance between readability and space – thus also the aesthetic.


Tools that do the job and save time

It takes about 3 hours for an experienced email developer to make a newsletter mobile friendly. There are big costs for each broadcast – or every small change in the template. For the larger companies, time-to-market is at least as important. Email is not only the most effective marketing method – it is also one of the most agile.

“We’ve made a drag-and-drop editor with perfect mobile viewing, where the marketing engineer can create a unique campaign in a matter of minutes. And parameters such as font size and unique mobile header and footer can be customized,” says Kim Østergaard, founder of MarketingPlatform.

With such tools, even the small and medium-sized businesses can create newsletters that work optimally on a computer, tablet, and smartphones in no time. Even older mobile phones can join and read a special text version that leads the reader to a special online edition that can be opened on the mobile browser.

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