With MarketingPlatform, you can get integrated customer intelligence. Perfect for both B2C and B2B companies

Most marketing managers have dreamt of fully integrated CRM projects, projects that could automate and enhance the relevance of communication with customers.

But for most people this dream hasn’t come true, as the CRM system was either way too expensive, or it didn’t result in anything useful.


For e-commerce

Imagine you are running an online store where you sell fashionable clothes for women or children. The target group is the same – wealthy women – but the competition is also huge in an easier stagnant market.

Do you think your visitors and your customers would buy more or less, more often or less, if you were able to target your emails with relevant products? The answer is universal – they would not only buy more, that is, a higher cart-size, but also more often – that is, an increased frequency of customer purchases.

The only way an online business can earn money is to maintain existing customers. We know from experience that segmented emails convert 4-10 times better than non-segmented emails. Therefore, the value is huge for all online merchants.


Segmented emails convert 4-10 times better

Perhaps you have an email database with 20-30.000 recipients. It is not abnormal for the slightly larger online stores. You probably send an email 1-2 times a week to your database.

Imagine a campaign plan where you send all customers 1 mail each week. But the content will be different.

You want to apply small blocks of dynamic content. Content based on the knowledge we have in MarketingPlatform about the customer. This type of segmentation belongs to the easier end. You may have resources to create 2 blocks, each with 3 different messages.

“We know from experience that it will increase the payoff from email marketing broadcasts by 50-70%,” explains Kim Østergaard, who is the founder of MarketingPlatform.

Kim has more than 15 years of experience with online and multi-channel retail from the largest Danish and foreign companies. And it does not have to be difficult or cost a fortune to make these simple segmentations. 

“The simplest does not even require our new behavioral module, but is based solely on standard functionality in the system,” says Kim Østergaard.


The many abandoned shopping carts have a great potential

We know that abandoned carts – ie. well-known customers who leave a full shopping cart without completing the purchase – can be up to 20% of your total revenue from email newsletters. But by far too few are sending out these reminder emails, says email marketing expert Kim Østergaard says from MarketingPlatform. These types of emails accounts for only 0.3% of an online store’s total email volume on newsletters, but is undoubdetly the highest converting emails.

With the eCommerce Intelligence module, MarketingPlatform can collect information from your webshop and, as an automated action, send out these emails X hours or days after your potential customer has left your online shop.

A quick example of online store that has 100 abandoned purchases per month, where the average order is $100. That is $10.000 in lost potential earnings. Results from other customers tell us that approx. 20-40% of the lost orders becomes a completed order. This gives a total of $2-4000 in extra sales. A clothing store would like to realize a gross profit of at least 45% – ie $4.500 in additional earnings


How does integration work with the intelligence module

All you have to do is place a script (i.e., a small lump of code that does not conflict with your shop) on all of your pages. This is something most online businesses can do themselves. Should your developer do it, this task typically takes 30 minutes to complete. The little lump of code will not blow your site.
We host the system on a large CLOUD environment at Amazon, known to scale almost infinity. The system will collect a wide range of information about your customers and their behavior. Of course, you should remember to be aware of your terms.

This information is automatically sent to MarketingPlatform, where you can segment from the collected data. Either manually and send relevant campaigns to the different segments, perhaps embedding products your potential customer has just watched in the campaign mail they receive. Or you can set up MarketingPlatform to automatically send out different templates/emails when a customer meets certain criteria.

It may be that she has left a full shopping cart, left the site but looked at certain categories, has bought for more than XXX dollars – or more than X times. And many other similar scenarios.

“In addition, we also release some different ‘scores and ratings’ as part of our algorithm. Just as we will also save information about the visitor’s computer and operating system information that many industries could use to target their offerings on accessories, new computers, and the like.” ends Kim Østergaard.


Try MarketingPlatform for free – registration takes only 10 seconds. MarketingPlatform is for companies of all sizes wanting to do marketing automation, intelligent broadcast of newsletters and SMS marketing. We also help your business for free. Questions? Call us at +1 205 719-4444. We are looking forward to helping your company.


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