Any email marketing success begins and ends with preparation. A plan must be in place before you start collecting email addresses and phone numbers. You need to know what will happen after your potential customer has signed up, what they receive, and how are they segmented. Read on to discover how to get the most out of email marketing.

Advice No. 1 – A good welcome flow is the start of a great relationship

The first good advice is essential. You must have a plan for what customers should receive after signing up for your mailing list. Unfortunately – most companies do not have this plan in place.

A good welcome flow is what takes the new recipient of the company’s newsletter by their hand – and makes all the difference between success and failure. The first email in a welcome flow has a 6 times higher opening rate than normal weekly newsletters. By creating a series of three well-composed welcome messages, it will make a huge difference to the recipients because your brand is top-of-mind – thus doubling the value of email marketing and resulting in greater customer loyalty and retention over time.

Advice No. 2 – Verify your recipients

Use double-opt-in when your recipients sign up for your newsletter. That way, you ensure that your customers have written a correct address and that they are who they say they are.

When you use double-opt-in, your recipients can also pick what information they’d like to receive from you. That way, some customer will end up in segment A, segment B, segment C, etc. Some customers can even be in more than one segment at one time. This not only makes your emails more relevant to your recipients, but also ensures a very close to 100% delivery rate to the recipient’s inbox.

Advice No. 3 – Integration between the systems

You must control how your recipients are stored. You may not have one list in your CMS, CRM or shop – and another list in your newsletter system. You must therefore choose an email marketing system that can be easily integrated with your other systems. Either through a simple sign-up form that can send data to both systems simultaneously, or with easier integration through a web service (also called an API or XML API). MarketingPlatform has a standard API – both for the front end and our high-performance engine.

Advice No. 4 – Where are the good recipients from

The source or source field must always follow your recipients on the mailing list. It’s important to know if the recipients come from your Facebook sign-up activities, from your own webpage, from sign-ups in stores (for example, a retail chain) – or from a completely different channel. Good recipients mean those who open your mails, display activity and click on or achieve other of your target conversions. A target conversion could, for example, forward the newsletter to a friend or friend, update their profile or to buy something at your shop, etc.

We always recommend bad recipients, i.e. non-active recipients, be gradually removed from your lists. That way, your open rate will be higher – and that’s something that, for example, Outlook and Gmail notices. With a higher opening rate, mail providers conclude that recipients want your newsletter – thus prioritizing the delivery of your emails.

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Advice No. 5 – Never buy recipients for your newsletter

The fifth good advice goes against many commercial interests in the Internet industry: NEVER ever buy recipients for your newsletter and mailing list. It may be tempting to buy 50,000 or 100,000 recipients, but at best it’s not worth the money – at worst, it can be a disaster for your business.

Most purchased lists are filled with SPAM traps that will destroy the value of your entire mailing list. A SPAM-trap is old outdated addresses that the recipient has closed 1-2 years ago, and which the mailing server – Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, or others – have made a trap. If you hit only 1 of these in your broadcast, you may risk that all emails are retracted into the SPAM folder – and at worst, completely deleted.

Advice No. 6 – Why your mailing list?

What does the recipient get out of being on your list? Why can not they just look at your website over and over again – and decide when to interact with your business?

Viewed from the company perspective, the answer is quite clear – because there is good money in having a well-stocked email marketing database. The visitor rate will be much higher, thus stimulating customers’ repurchase rates.

Consumers want to be listened to. They want customized messages that show that your business has heard their interests. It does not have to be the large chromed model with behavioral content – just the simple with 3-4 areas that they can turn into in the enrollment flow or a later enrichment flow. And MarketingPlatform can easily handle it.

It could also be the more personal form where the newsletter has a real sender that the target audience can identify with – or good advice and tips. It does not have to be bonus points or cash benefits. Making a dialogue has greater long-term value – it is all about engagement.

Therefore, it is important to choose an email marketing system where customers can easily enrich their profile, and where customers’ interests can be added as dynamic content in the weekly mail. Otherwise, your company will incur massive amounts of extra work. And what will happen in practice is that you will continue to send the same message to all recipients.

We can also receive information automatically from your web shop, CRM, ERP (financial system) or similar systems.

Advice No. 7 – Do not forget your website

Many companies completely forget the placement of the sign-up form (sign up form) on their website. A good location is not only on your frontpage since a lot of people do not see your front page at all. Therefore, the form must always be in the footer area (area at the bottom of the page found on all sides) or at the top of the page. With MarketingPlatform you can easily create the registration form for your site using the web form feature.

Advice No. 8 – Entries from Facebook

Facebook is a great place to collect subscribers for your newsletter.

And many businesses have more “likes” on Facebook than they have recipients on the mailing list, which provides a good basis for harvesting new registrations.

There are many different CMS systems that can integrate with Facebook through their APIs. WordPress, which is free, has some great opportunities, where the content of the Facebook page can be managed through the CMS solution. This means that the registration form from the email marketing system can be maintained in, for example, WordPress, and contests and other incentives for signing up – can easily be changed and presented graphically correct.

MarketingPlatform collaborates with the leading players in the market, where it is possible to collect MarketingPlatform subscriptions directly through our collaborators’ modules.

Advice No. 9 – A good template with forwarding function

A great template and the content of emails together make the difference between opening and click rates.

MarketingPlatform has built-in a drag and drop editor, where you can easily create the perfectly designed newsletter. The design, header, footer and other content will automatically fit each newsletter.

If the template contains a forwarding function, you can track who forwards your emails – and to whom. At the same time, you can reward your loyal recipients, thus becoming active ambassadors for your business.

Remember to automate the response to a forwarding activity. Your loyal recipient must have a “Thanks for your help” email, for example. with a surprise in the form of a smaller discount coupon – the possibility of personal sparring – or what your company’s product or service adds to. Maybe you have a special VIP segment in your mailing list for which the ambassador is to be upgraded to – a segment where selected members receive spontaneous gifts or the like.

Advice No. 10 – What would you like to receive

The tenth good advice is about using your common sense.

Use your sound judgment in any situation and never send out newsletters that have been made under pressure or at late times. Often, they do not have the quality you would like to receive. Your customers wouldn’t either.

And that will mean unnecessarily more unsubscribes and less activity in the long term – which will have the opposite effect – it will break down the value and size of your mailing list.

Advice No. 11 – the great customers, VIP

There is a customer group that really deserve a special treatment.

It’s the customers or recipients who opens most of your emails and time and time again purchase from your business.

These are the customers that are the foundation of your earnings.

This group of customers deserves a special template, where you take the time to create a real (i.e. sent from your real email) personally dynamic content to each individual. For example, you can restrict yourself to the top 50 customers and create dynamic content referring to their profile. This allows you to make their experience something special in each and every newsletter.

They will be the best ambassadors for your business.

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