Drive More Sales with Digital Marketing for the Automative Industry


YOU are part of a hard-working sales team driving numbers in your company. You are constantly looking for smart tools that will increase incoming leads and know who your most engaged contacts are, so your team can close the deals that are always ripe and ready.

 With today’s leaner profit margins, automobile dealers need an edge to thrive in competitive markets. MarketingPlatform has tools that help you engage more prospects, close more sales and keep customers coming back for more. Create meaningful customer journeys with automatic flows that can trigger any campaign based on behavior in both email- and SMS campaigns, social media, and other output channels. 

 Join our tribe and begin actively communicating with your audience, so you are never leaving money on the table again.


Feature New Cars

Quickly design dealership newsletters from scratch with our drag-and-drop editor. Choose from hundreds of templates to create a fresh look for emails and forms. Style and enhance your car photos using revolutionary built-in image editor, or choose from over 200,000+ free stock photos. Create multiple campaigns to feature new arrivals, showcase popular models and publish experience stories. And you can easily customize the templates to match your brand guidelines.


Capture online leads

Capture online leads and drive more traffic to your website and more prospects to your showroom with our Forms function. Post forms on your website so car shoppers can register for more information and receive follow-ups.


Drive more sales

Convert curious lookers into eager buyers.

Set up relevant timed messages that keep car shoppers engaged until they are ready to buy. Keep in touch with your customers and send out after-sales service reminders, insurance offers, automotive news and promos. Personalize offers and seasonal promos with contact name and car preferences, and assign fresh leads to autoresponder drip campaigns to introduce your dealership and deliver your value message.  


Test and measure results

Stop wasting your time trying to combine data from disconnected tools and databases. 

  • See at a glance how subscribers respond to your messages by town, neighborhood, street, or individual. 
  • Use advanced segmentation to group prospects with similar automotive interests to deliver the deals they crave.
  • Monitor your email campaigns and autoresponders in real time on easy-to-read charts and reports with Google Analytics.
  • Click to preview your email design in dozens of combinations of browsers, formats, and email programs — mobile too!
  • Use A/B testing to identify and broadcast the message version containing the most effective elements.


Reach buyers on the GO!

Keep up with mobile trends, and deliver readable emails to smartphone users, thanks to MarketingPlatform’s pioneering mobile-responsive email design.

Use SMS marketing to send a welcome message for a new subscriber or a birthday email (with special gift) to subscribers with birthdays. 

Because all SMS messages are opened and read within the first 5 minutes it is a great idea to use SMS marketing to maximize your sales and customer relationships.


Stimulate “Dark Social”

Hitch a ride on social media channels to ensure brand recognition.

  • Place pre-formatted social media icons in every message to encourage contacts to share dealer promos.
  • Use social tracking to identify social platforms where your messages get shared so that you can join the community.
  • Distribute posts and vehicle pictures on Twitter whenever you publish fresh content.
  • Schedule social media posts and save time.
  • Use our Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to find and target groups of like-minded shoppers.
  • Read more about “Dark Social”


Manage multiple car dealerships

Enable your advisors to connect easily with their customers.

  • Choose our team option, so each of your outlets can manage local activities.
  • Set up custom roles to give users access to dealership campaigns, lists, and custom permissions.
  • Connect with your audience at a perfect time when they are most likely to open your emails.
  • Manage worldwide projects in different languages and control email delivery by time zone.
  • Track results in real-time by geolocation.


Target every customer

If you are missing the right contact fields and data on your customers, your options for effective targeting are limited. We have made it easy for you to create the specific fields you will need; Car, serial number, budget, color, and any other field you might need.

Migrating from another platform? Importing data from an Excel-list, your CRM or ERP system? Simply drag and drop your contacts, and the contact fields are populated automatically.

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All of your recipients are extremely valuable, so make sure to always track and register their behavior in emails, SMS messages and on your website – to ensure a constant stream of relevant and targeted messages so you don’t lose momentum – or start losing business to your competitors. 

LeadScoring will help you focus on the leads that are most likely to become a customer and will keep a dynamically updated list for you – so you can tailor your messaging with pin-point accuracy and win more business.


Loyalty Program

Reach your most loyal customers directly with targeted email and relevant SMS marketing to make them aware of membership benefits, and keep them updated with deals like pre-sales and special discounts. VIP members are much more likely to act as brand-advocates, and can be a great extension of your marketing team. Follow up on a targeted email sent on a Thursday with a SMS to jog their interest on Sunday, or give your members special offers days before they are available to the public.

“Remembering the customer that was in the store to look at a certain model and color can be difficult after a long day, but with MarketingPlatform we can easily capture all data right after the visit, and the system will not help the customer online and provide more information automatically. Having this sales/marketing cooperation where we interface with the customers face-to-face, and marketing meets them online – I believe we have been able to help our customers better, and we have definitively increased our sales numbers which is my main focus.”

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