Free for Not-for-Profit

Paying it forward and being a responsible corporate citizen is part of the MarketingPlatform obligation, and we provide our platform license to all not-for-profit organizations free of charge. 

Our internal program to benefit not-for-profits has been in effect since the day our company was founded, and over the years we have helped out providing not-for-profits the tools they need for communication.

The free MarketingPlatform program cover the needs of most organizations and groups. If you need
to send millions of annual mails, and therefore need one of our larger packages, these are
available at an 80% discount. We are not looking to profit from non-profit organisations, but for
very large organizations and large number of contacts, we would like to recoup a minimum of
our costs in order to maintain a high level of service.

In our Terms & Conditions we have listed the requirements for approved not-for-profit
organizations. If your association or organization is not listed, we will require documentation that you are a

Getting started with MarketingPlatform as a registered not-for-profit organization.

First, check and see that your association or organization qualifies (see the official IRS Register of Charities. Then write to to formally request an account with MarketingPlatform.

You will then receive a message back from us with your individual case number. Shortly after, we will contact you by mail (or telephone) to agree on a time to review your needs and set up MarketingPlatform for you.

Whilst the MarketingPlatform system is our donation to your organization, you will nevertheless still enjoy exactly the same start-up advice and support received by paying customers. To help get your organization started we will give you between 60-90 minutes of our time to get you fully set-up on our system. We will provide you with an MarketingPlatform introduction course, a free template adapted specifically to your organization, import your contact lists and more. In addition, we hold free webinars (roughly once every fourteen days) reviewing our solution and offering guidance and tips in more detail.

On all not-for-profit subscriptions, there will be a discreet line of text at the bottom of all emails sent out by you saying “Sent with a sponsored solution from MarketingPlatform” which links to our website, It is designed to be unobtrusive, placed well beneath all the content of your mail, and in a size 10 font.

If your association or organization is not registered with the IRS, we will require an email from your bank that guarantees your not-for-profit status. This is a free service from your bank, and can be easily obtained from them in a short time.

We look forward very much to helping you. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

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“I have always had the greatest pleasure in helping other people – with MarketingPlatform, the opportunity to do so is there on a larger scale.”

– Kim Østergaard, Founder and CEO of MarketingPlatform

An extract from our Employee Handbook

Welcome to MarketingPlatform – together we aim higher

We’re glad to have you with our Company. We set customer service higher than selling to new customers. Our number one goal is to provide customer service excellence.

Set both your personal and professional goals high. We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them. Use professional passion and best judgment in all situations.

Giving our customers time to be creative is what we do – common focus will guide us in building the best in class marketing automation and omnichannel marketing company.

MarketingPlatform is an innovative company. We constantly improve, simplify and develop our solution.

MarketingPlatform is a responsible company. Our 1-1-1 model is deeply integrated into our soul.

Life is about achieving goals. Only when our goals are shared we will be successful.