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How well are your digital marketing systems prepared for Buyer 2.0 and the future? Do you have the tools in place to support the business in the sales process? Have you adjusted your sales and marketing process?

Digital Marketing Automation as a Service is your road to the future, and a great way to integrate the different systems in the business that are customer facing, so there is a consolidated platform to communicate structured and effectively with the market and the recipients of any kind of written communication.

You must have IT systems in place that will enable your business to grow and be able to send targeted and relevant content to your contacts. Good email marketing is valuable, relevant, expected and integrated.

Our promise at MarketingPlatform is to embrace the IT people in our tribes and listen very carefully to their input, recommendations and requests to keep the development of our platform up to speed. We listen, and we share our roadmap with you to make sure you are making a difference to the solution.

At MarketingPlatform, our industry experts literally focus all of their energy, resources, and innovation to help you stay on top of the technological wave – and stay there through constant development and future thinking.

And how does MarketingPlatform help you improve?

First of all, we apply the latest technologies, make sure our platform and data are compliant with all regulations regarding data safety, live up to all SPAM regulations in any country we and our customers serve – and make sure there is full transparency across the board so that you at any point in time will feel safe and can live up to the toughest criteria.

Our constant innovation, improvement and application of novel ideas from our customers and the industries we support – ensures that you are always at the cutting edge and never get stuck with some old technology that will limit your plans for your business. No upgrade issues, no patches or hotfixes to worry about, MarketingPlatform is running on a 2-week sprint cycle for new releases of functionality, and we work hard to drive the platform to remain the richest user experience on the market. Without any interruption in service or unexpected downtime due to upgrades or updates.

The R&D is headed by our founder, and we spare no effort to engage with our customers and our users to drive out requirements and ideas we can use for constant improvement of MarketingPlatform.

The support and the services around MarketingPlatform and our solution, is second to none, with a huge support organization across America and Europe, and we are insisting on the personal contact, and the ability to speak directly to our savvy people is also where we stand out. No ‘dead mailboxes’ where a support request is forgotten – no, we are here in person to communicate and provide valuable assistance.

Consulting services to support implementation, interfacing, providing content, setting up flows or any other services that will enable you to maximize the results from MarketingPlatform are available, and you will experience a deep technical and functional expertise to draw from, when needed.

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