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Max C.

“Great tool for email marketing and newsletters. A big pro is saving time by letting the program do repetitive work. Automation and simple management of templates and mailing lists.”

Patrick J.

“MarketingPlatform helped out social organization extend our outreach to a larger audience. We appreciate this company’s desire to support their local community and help youth band together to promote positive change. MarketingPlatform’s on-boarding experience was easy and stress-free, allowing us to focus on our goals rather than figuring out the system. We wholeheartedly recommend this system to organizations of all sizes.”

Daniel G.

“I like your platform dude. It’s so easy for me to use!”


Excellent Platform. is the BEST from all of those email marketing services worldwide that you can find. It’s better than MailChimp because has all the juice of functions, segments, price, support team, and excellent delivery. I would recommend to everyone who needs boost for their business marketing plan, B2B, B2C, and non-profit organizations.”

Roman S.

“One of the better email service providers with a balance of powerful features and the ease of use. I love the email builder and the personalization abilities of the software. The upload of contacts is very easy.”

Mikkel T.

“Great product at amazing price/value. It is so easy to use and very intuitive interface to work with.”

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