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Omnichannel Marketing Automation with AI

– email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing

Here’s how MarketingPlatform helps you

Time to be Creative” is our mantra. We bring smart people and innovative software together, enabling you to create success through a genuine dialogue with your chosen audience, whoever and wherever they may be. Here’s how we do it…

MarketingPlatform for your business

We have tailored our Marketing Automation platform for your industry. Read how others whose business looks like yours are using MarketingPlatform.

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B2B eCommerce
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B2B eCommerce

In the context of B2B eCommerce, Marketing Automation places special requirements on integrations with other IT systems of a business. MarketingPlatform has plug-and-play integrations with the vast majority of ERP, PIM, Webshop and CMS players on the market. It goes without saying that we help your business with the whole startup.


Our FlowBuilder takes the planning and the execution of your communication to the next level. Unlike anything else available today, we have taken our time to evaluate how we can enable the time you spend to be creative, more fun and more productive.

With our FlowBuilder, you are able to tailor your campaigns completely within your omnichannel marketing plan. This helps you to take your tasks from a strategic to a tactical level. We are very excited about our FlowBuilder function, and we believe that you will be too.

B2B Ecommerce


A B2B recipient will often be very valuable. Therefore the right timing, and hitting the recipients at the right moment, can be even more important in B2B business. Tools in MarketingPlatform can send intelligent segmented messages at the right moment, when customers and leads are in the market to buy. LeadScoring can collect recipients’ behaviour in emails, SMS messages and on your webshop and website. All the collected data can easily be used for segmenting and filtering as well as for targeting of content from feeds and other forms of dynamic content.

b2b Ecommerce


Tracking collects knowledge about recipient’s behaviour – both from the newsletter, SMS messages and the webshop or your corporate website. With our unique setup, which combines your sitemap and your product feed, any product page and webshop can easily be the subject of intelligent campaigns. The tracking script is a piece of code in line with Google Analytics, which can be easily added to the pages and systems where the behaviour is to be collected. MarketingPlatform also profiles the traffic from your webshop or website that does not originate from an email campaign.

b2b Ecommerce


MarketingPlatform has standard integrations for most webshops and CMS platforms. It is easy to integrate both contact data and transactional data such as orders and purchases. Use Connector and connect to an API, write code to our REST API, SDK or use Zapier as an integration hub.

b2b Ecommerce

Automated flows

Create a meaningful customer journey with automated flows that can trigger any campaign based on behaviour in both email campaigns and other output channels. Along with this, we can use tracking information from your webshop, enrich it with order data and provide the most optimal targeting of the recipients.

Campaign Builder

We have created the most complete, and at the same time intuitive, drag-and-drop editor on the market. It is easy to integrate social media, Trustpilot, your own images and content, as well as dynamic and intelligent content from product feeds. Our Campaign Builder can read the products from any webshop and insert them intelligently in email campaigns with the use of behavioural data, increasing your profit by a factor of between 4 and 10 times.

b2b Ecommerce

Event Tracking

Almost every action and click in a webshop or on a website can be collected with Event Tracking in MarketingPlatform. In addition, with the Product Feed functionality in Tracking, events, products and campaigns are easily linked. For example, follow up on specific clicks, the download of materials like PDF documents, an interest shown for a specific product, and much more. The collected events can be used in automated flows for manually segmented send-outs and for targeting content directly in the Campaign Builder.

b2b Ecommerce

Abandoned cart

It is not uncommon for customers to either abandon a shopping cart completely or remove products from the basket that they are actually interested in. For one reason or another, at the time of placing the order, they change their mind. For us, that action is an event that can be collected and used for segmentation, and automated flows which send a reminder at a set time after the basket has been abandoned, and also for populating dynamic content in the campaign itself through our Campaign Builder. The abandoned shopping basket feature supports all platforms through our unique self-learning registration of the actions taken on your webshop.

b2b Ecommerce


Segments can be set in just a few seconds. Segments are a part of one or more contact lists. A segment can be based on flat contact fields, deep transactional data from an integration, behaviour from emails, SMS and from your webshop – or any combination of all the options mentioned above. Especially in B2B context, where each contact is extremely valuable, segmentation is essential for achieving the desired profit. Intelligent segmentation can increase profit by up to 4-10 times compared to unsegmented broadcasts. In addition, MarketingPlatform also contains compound segments that can combine multiple segments as one and create the perfect targeting to every single recipient.

Perfect. On all devices.

We have made it simple – your campaigns look fantastic on computer, tablet and smartphone.

b2b Ecommerce


Together with Google, we have created the world’s best Artificial Intelligence for your email campaigns and your webshop. MarketingPlatform Intelligence builds a bridge between the purchase data you have in your ERP, webshop or other platforms for instance; the data from the MarketingPlatform Tracking feature (if integrated on your shop or site) and the data from our LeadScore functionality and other behaviours in your campaigns. Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence feature automatically inserts recommendations into email campaigns, websites or webshops. Use our Intelligence feature to create automated product recommendations based on data and algorithms.

b2b Ecommerce


One-to-Many can handle unstructured data, for example, from products, transactions, shops, locations and behaviour – data that through API and other integrations can be retrieved from such things as an ERP system, or another back-office solution or similar. The transactional data can be used further, together with the other contact data and the collected behaviour, for segmenting and as a trigger for automated flows. One-to-Many is an additional module for MarketingPlatform which transforms the platform into an enterprise solution.

‘I’m really pleased with the Builder and the way you can create your campaigns. The drag-and-drop feature in the platform is really intuitive to work with. It makes the job easy and fast, and I can scale everything on the fly, which really saves me time. Everything is very straightforward and I can create things in exactly the way I want.’’

Morten Mørk Petersen
Ib Laursen

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